Thursday, 7 July 2011

My favorite Lipsticks including nudes.

My top favorite 6 lipsticks would definitely have to repurchase when i run out of each lipstick. 

Left to Right:  2true glossy wear number 7, MUA lipstick shade 6, Rimmel London 502 virtuous, Rimmel London 085 Gold digger, Natural Collection Apple Blossom, Revlon 230 Flesh tone.

2true glossy wear number 7: A Pink lipstick with orange undertones. It is quite sheer but goes on well with 2 or 3 coats. Its £1.99 in the shops and a great bargain with many different shades.
MUA lipstick shade 6:  This is a really nice pink lipstick that is just a lighter shade of a barbie pink. Its great and very affordable, only £1 from super-drug. Check out the MUA brand everything is £1 and its amazing quality!
Rimmel London 502 virtuous: My FAVORITE nude lipstick. ive never tried Mac ones but they look amazing, i also want to try the GOSH darling lipstick. This is very nice and a perfect nude, the pale nude goes great with my skin tone and cost only £1-2 from www. 
Rimmel London 085 Gold digger: This is the perfect colour for a nice night out to add a perfect colour to a subtle face look. Its a nice pink with a lot of red undertones along with gold undertones, its amazingly pigmented and i purchased it from
Natural Collection Apple Blossom: This lipstick is very affordable and only cost £1.99 from Boots stores. The only thing i didn't like about this was that mine snapped straight away :( Its a great nude and looks amazing with another gloss on top, but it doesn't go well if you have cracked lips as it sinks into the cracks easily.
Revlon 230 Flesh tone: This is an amazing brown colour and is almost a dark nude on the lips. It is very dark but can be toned down with a light lip gloss over the top. I purchased this from for £0.99. 
Left to Right:  2true glossy wear number 7, MUA lipstick shade 6, Rimmel London 502 virtuous, Rimmel London 085 Gold digger, Natural Collection Apple Blossom, Revlon 230 Fleshtone.

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Makeup of the day?

So today i havent done much, ive only been to the dentist, food shopping and watched TV. I Did my makeup anyway and thought i would share what makeup i used, and what brushes i used. Carry on reading for more info:

My face of the day, quite simple. 
Eye makeup of the day very subtle 
I have loads of mascara on, but i do have naturally long lashes.
Left to right: Celia birtwell foundation brush, Lydia professional small foundation brush, Benefit Slant Powder brush. 
Middle Top: Maybelline dream matte mousse.
Middle Bottom: Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
Right: Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation
(i LOVE Maybelline if you didn't already guess)

Firstly i applied my foundation all over my face using my Celia Birtwell brush, i then put some Dream Matte Mousse under my eyes or on, any blemishes or dark freckles. Lastly i lightly dusted my Dream Matte Powder to set my makeup.
Left to right: Primark Pink Kabuki, Benefit's Hoola Bronzer, Benefits High Beam, NYC Creme Blush Stick
Bottom: Bobbi Brown Blush Brush, Benefit Slant powder brush.

I First apply Benefit Hoola bronzer with the pink kabuki, i then applied it as a cheek contour with my benefit slant powder brush. Next i used my Bobbi Brown blush brush to smooth on my creme stick blending it out as much as possible, i then applied my High Beam on the bridge of my nose and my cheekbones.
Top Left: Benefits Weather Girl Palette, Maybelline Colossal Mascara, Maybelline Dream Mousse Shadow, and a white de-potted eye shadow.
Bottom: Barry M Wink Marker Pen eyeliner, Plain Black eyeliner pencil, Bobbi Brown Eye shadow brush.

Firstly i applied a base of the Dream Mousse Shadow, i then used my Bobbi Brown eye shadow brush and picked the middle and right eye shadow of the weather girl palette, i then applied my Barry M wink marker pen to my top lid and winged out a tiny bit. After that i applied a plain black eyeliner pencil to my water line topping it all of with my Colossal Mascara. I applied about 4 coats of the mascara as i love it clumpy and full.
I used the Middle shadow first as an all over colour, and then i used the Furthest right shadow as a crease colour and blended it out lightly. 
After completing my eyelids I moved onto my eyebrows.
I used a double ended brush by Fern Cotton and a No7 eye shadow trio.

I Used the bigger brush of the double ended brush and used the Bottom shadow of the palette and lightly shaded my eyebrows a bit darker than they naturally are. I did not shape them, just simply darkened them. 
Top Left: Rimmel London Nude lipstick in 502 Virtuous, Lush Snow fairy Lip tint.
Bottom: Rimmel Exaggerate Lip liner.

Firstly I applied the Snow Fairy as a base, i then lined my lips with the Exaggerate Lip Liner. I blended out the lip liner so it wasn't so harsh and then i applied my Rimmel London Lipstick which is my favorite nude!
Left: Rimmel London 502 Virtuous.
Right: Lush snow fairy lip tint
Bottom: Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner

So that is my makeup of the day, very subtle eyelids but very nice for a night out with friends or staying in for the day. I personally like wearing makeup while watching TV or on the laptop (Dont ask me why) Ha.

Have a beautiful day,
Emma, xo 

My favourite bronzer, Hoola?

You would of never have guessed, Benefits Hoola bronzer is by far my favorite so far. Ive not tried one that has come anywhere near it. Other bronzers are either too dark, too light or too shimmery.

Benefits Hoola Bronzer retails at £23.50 and you can get it from most boots stores in England. I personally think the price is very high for just a bronzer, i feel like when buying benefit its just for the name and packaging. Although i love the product, im sure i can find another one with just as good quality.
This is the box, its cute and compact but mines very used. 
It comes with a brush but ive lost mine, even though i never really used it.
 I said i liked the product, enough to be almost out :( 
Ive used this so much and had it for about 8 months, its lasted me ages and its amazing. 
It has a odd smell but not one that you can smell on your face, only if you stick your nose in the box and sniff it.
It has no shimmer what so ever (well i cant see any) and in the summer it gives me the perfect matte look. I love it as its great coverage and blends well so you do not get patches or uneven areas.

So overall opinion? LOVE it apart from the price

Have a Beautiful day

Barry M Dazzle Dusts? Amazing !

A magical surprise inside a tiny pot, who thought it was possible?

Barry M dazzle dusts are the most pigmented eye dusts ive ever tried. They may look deceivingly small, but inside lies a magical product. You can purchase these at Super-drug anywhere in the UK that sells Barry M for just £4.59 a piece. That may seem quite high for such a small item, but the product will seriously last you forever and you need the tiniest bit.

Barry M also sells Lip paints, Eyeliner's, Mascara's, Lip glosses, Nail paints and a few other varieties.
I own 4 of these amazing dazzle dusts, and im planning on getting more.
Top Left: DD95 Parrot Green. Top Right: DD76 Yellow.
Bottom Left: DD34 Cherry Bottom Right: DD2 Pale Pink 
From left to right: DD95 Parrot Green, DD76 Yellow,
DD34 Cherry, DD2 Pale pink.

Just look how pigmented these are ! they are very shimmery and will have quite a bit of fallout when applying, but with a good primer they will not budge. Put as much or as little as you want depending on the look desired, These swatches are just 1-2 swipes of the product.

Let me know if you like Barry M dazzle dusts and what YOU think of them.
Have a beautiful day

Welcome to my new blog.

Hello ladies,

Welcome to my new beauty blog. This blog is going to include various different posts where i review and give my honest opinion on some of the items i like and do not like. I Will upload great quality pictures of each item and give a great description of each one along with my opinion.

I look forward to writing some good quality reviews which will include: Makeup, Haircare, Skincare, Nails, Clothing, Accessories, Organisation tips, Food and much much more.

Check out my youtube channel for hauls, makeup looks and much more.